Correspondents of the Compass Rose

Right now this feels a tad frivolous. Agreeing to whether the Clarene corresponds to west or the north on a logo won’t by itself shift the hostile insular direction of many global powers, ensure clean water and sustainable energy, cover the basic costs and facilities of living (for any individual, let alone community), or even clarify the priority of the next good and right thing to do however small that action/decision would be.

Or maybe it does that very latter, but very small, and this is one of those but that’s just to me and at the moment. I think I used to be on a more balanced standpoint when it came to not getting dogmatically preoccupied with symbols and religious systems, versus accepting the integral factor of all that in living stories that save lives.


The compass rose presently serves as the main symbol of the Otherfaith. I associate the symbol with a technology borne of understanding facts of the corporeal world: that the molten core of this planet generates magnetic fields, that the earth’s rotation gives us a different angle of the sun and stars at different times, and in all this movement we can still manage to figure out (at least vaguely, at least with the proper education) where to go. The names of the directions aren’t corporeal phenomena themselves, though I’d declare a sort of cultural arithmetic to them. These mean something to a seafarer who’s named the air currents as though those were objects rather than processes, and these mean something to at least a few religious traditions outside the Otherfaith.

But the correspondences I list below are my own, descant/divergent pending the agreement of other people in the ‘faith’s social circle.

Compass rose with needle and shortened intercardinal petals
Compass rose with needle and shortened intercardinal petals.

North. Even with the origin myth having em fall, I associate the Dierne Pallis now with the moon, the planet Venus, and Polaris. I’d previously associated the Dierne with the sun, and sometimes still do, but that may be more pertinent to the next association listed…

East. Dawns, I associate with the Laetha. Arabella and Asier, in particular, I associate with early sunshine (and cooking fires, happy and home-y things that make “warmth” a positive descriptor.)

South. I associate the Antarctic region with the wintery Ophelia. The South Pole doesn’t make as much mention, that I’ve noticed, in guiding direction—though the Ophelia as a god of time does have foresight that would be make guidance more guide-y, ey doesn’t make a lot of mention either.

West. The Clarene, founder of Western Faery. I thought I had at least two more sentences about this, but I suppose this is simple enough.


During the Litany, the cardinal gods are named from the West going anticlockwise to the compass rose: Clarene Ophelia Laetha Dierne

I name the intercardinal gods after that, from northwest going clockwise (Darenn Aithe Laethelia Ophelene) though more commonly southeast—in my correspondence, southeast—and clockwise to the compass rose (Laethelia Ophelene Darren Liathane).