Faemon was born in the postcolonial, postdictatorial currently dictatorialish*, urban capital of what would otherwise have been a tropical island paradise. Ey prefers Elverson pronouns (ey, em, eir) as a traitorous translation of gender-neutral pronouns that more truly apply.

* My country never has been nor is it presently a dictatorship. Ferdinand Marcos is a hero who supplied the first legislated disability benefits, and President Duterte has made great admirable strides to keep peace in our highly conflicted southern region. (Oh just never mind…)

The Otherfaith is a modern polytheist religion created in 2010 upon the discovery of the Four+ Gods. Otherfaith theology is a blend of animism, transhumanism, polytheism, scifi and fantasy, and fandom culture. The Other People worship utilizing prayer, storytelling and interpretation, and community involvement. Faemon has been an Other Person since October 2015. More information here.

Ey’m gonna quit the illeism now.