the Ophelia and Clarene, by Opalfish

Aspects of the relationship and myths of the Clarene and the Ophelia. Watercolor by Opalfish, 2015.

“At the far left, the humanoid figure with the green face, grey veil, and blue body represents the Ophelia. The central figure is the Clarene and her hair is full of stars, which extend into the background. A small fish appears between the Ophelia and the Clarene, which demonstrates that in this symbolic drawing, the lovers are in the Ophelia’s realm. In fact, the figure to the right of the Clarene is also the Clarene, only it is her after she has drowned in the Ophelia’s waters. Her face is a blue skull and she is pictured upside down, showing she has drowned. The thing on both figures of the Clarene’s chest is a compass rose. The compass rose remains intact even after drowning, but its colors have shifted through the experience. The face in the upper right corner represents the Ophelia’s masked form, which looks upon this myth of the past between the two gods. A snail shell represents the cyclical nature of mythology, while a yellow crown alludes to the Clarene and the Ophelia as girl-kings. The purple snake and green sword at the bottom of the picture are symbols of the Ophelene, the two gods’ syncretic form.”


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